August 14, 2017

Regular Meeting
U.S.D. #490 Board of Education
August 14, 2017
6:00 p.m.

These minutes may be approved or amended at the September 11, 2017 Board of Education meeting.

The U.S.D. #490 Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, August 14, 2017, in the Board of Education Office, 124 W. Central, El Dorado, Kansas.

I. Routine

1. The meeting was called to order by Board President Vicki Coash at 6:00 p.m.

2. Roll Call

Members Present: Vicki Coash, President
Norm Wilks, Vice President
Ryan Carson
Monty Hughey
Bernie Spradling
Tom Storrer

Members Absent: Scott Starkey

Others Present: Sue Givens, Superintendent
Melissa Smith, BOE Clerk
Jeremy Costello, Butler County Times Gazette
Julie Jensen, Executive Director of Curriculum
Doug Jensen, Executive Director of Technology
Kellen Adams, Executive Director of Fiscal/Support Services
Kim Koop, Director of Information Services
Kevin House, El Dorado High School Principal
Clarence Wagner, JAG Specialist
Sharon Waugh, Patron
Gregg Oblinger, Simpson Construction
Dave Stewart, Gravity Works Architects
Vince Haines, Gravity Works Architects

3. Executive Session

At 6:00 p.m. Board President Vicki Coash moved to recess into an executive session for a period of 30 minutes to discuss an individual employee’s performance pursuant to the KOMA non-elected personnel exemption and to discuss the latest proposal for changes to the professional contract under the KOMA exemption for employer-employee negotiations, with Board members, the Superintendent, and Executive Director of Fiscal/Support Services present. Monty Hughey seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0.

Tom Storrer and Ryan Carson entered the meeting at 6:02 p.m.

The board returned to general session at 6:30 p.m. with the same people as listed above present.

4. Approval of the Agenda

Bernie Spradling made a motion to approve the agenda with addendum (8a – Additional Personnel Recommendations). Seconded by Norm Wilks the motion carried 6-0.

5. Approve Consent Calendar

Norm Wilks made a motion to approve the Consent Calendar. Seconded by Bernie Spradling the motion carried 6-0.

Minutes of July 10, 2017 regular meeting
Financial Reports, enclosures A, B, C
Credit Card Report
Activity Reports
Credit Card Use and Limits
Benefit Providers

6. Comments from the Public

There were no comments from the public.

7. Recognition

• ALICE Emergency Response Protocol Trainer Certification – Kim Koop
• NSPRA Golden Achievement Award – Kim Koop
• JAG Kansas Outstanding Supporting Administrator – Kevin House
• JAG Kansas Contact Hours & Alternative Involvement Awards – Clarence Wagner
• Kansas State Pupil Transportation Association Bus Safety Poster Contest – Madison Griffin

8. Updates

• Operations – Sue Givens shared an update on facilities and transportation, including implementation of new transportation software (Traversa), involvement in both the Drums Across Kansas and Shrine Bowl activities, and receiving a perfect score on the Transportation Safety Audit and Highway Patrol vehicle and bus inspections.

9. Performing Arts Center Guaranteed Maximum Price Approval

Gregg Oblinger of Simpson Construction presented a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) exhibit
for the Performing Arts Center based upon recent bid opening.

Tom Storrer made a motion to approve the Guaranteed Maximum Price Exhibit and contract
attachment for the USD 490 Performing Arts Center as presented. Monty Hughey seconded the
motion. The motion carried 6-0.

10. Board Policy Updates

Policy updates were reviewed with administrative recommendation.

Norm Wilks made a motion to approve the Board Policy Updates as presented. Bernie Spradling
seconded the motion. The motion carried 6-0.

11. USD 490 Personnel Recommendations

Bernie Spradling made a motion to approve the following USD 490 recommendations, which
include the addendum. Monty Hughey seconded the motion. The motion carried 6-0.

Destiny Forge, Building Aide at Grandview;
Stormie Williams, Food Service Sub;

Corinna Adams, Head 7th Grade Volleyball Coach, replacing Kacie Johnson;
Corinna Adams, Head 8th Grade Girls Basketball Coach, replacing Tyson Kohls;
Katie Banks-Todd, High School Drama Co-Sponsor, replacing Melisa Wingfield;
Amanda Brewer, Computer Lab/Building Aide, replacing Betty Wise;
Ryan Demel, Assistant Football Coach, replacing Scott Camien;
Deena Eaton, Assistant 7th Grade Volleyball Coach, replacing Rachel Rosales;
Lori Furgason, Middle School English/Language Arts Teacher, replacing Lorra Gillis;
Emily Gutierrez, High School Bookkeeper, replacing Stacie Guthrie;
Morgan Hughes, Middle School Head Cheer Coach, replacing Shelley Belair;
Monica King, Middle School Food Service, replacing Vicki Elliott;
Tonya Mourn, Bus Driver, replacing Kay Riggle;
Jessica Nolan, Sub Custodian, replacing Charles Curnutt;
Ashley Schwindt, Stem Lab Aide, replacing Leann Morris;
Mike Spencer, High School Assistant Girls Tennis Coach, replacing Jordan Regehr;
Susan Vanderpool, Food Service at Lincoln, replacing Ashley Andrews;

Scott Camien, Assistant High School Football Coach;
Jordan Crawford, Middle School Assistant Football Coach;
Chuck Haahr, Middle School Assistant Soccer Coach;
Melody Haines, 4th Grade Teacher at Grandview Elementary;
Gary Melcher, High School Fall Assistant Athletic Director;

Steven Smith, Sub Custodian;

Jamie Ball, from Skelly 5th Grade Teacher to Grandview 4th Grade Teacher, replacing Melody Haines;
Charles Curnutt, from Sub Custodian to Part-time Evening Custodian;
Emma Davis, from Sub Bus Driver to Bus Driver;
Lorra Gillis, from Middle School English/Language Arts to Title I Interventionist at Middle School, replacing Linette Liby;
Chelsea Jones, from Summer Custodian to Sub Custodian;
Abbi Markowitz, from Skelly 4th Grade to Skelly 5th Grade, replacing Jamie Ball;
Ann Nitzschke, from Food Service Sub to Head Cook at Skelly;
Charity Otto, from Food Service at Skelly to Kitchen Manager at Grandview;
Hillary Williams, from Bus Driver to Sub Bus Driver;

Substitute Teachers
Brad Amend, Steve Appleman, Dorothy Boucher, Sue Coble, Stacey Cook, Beverly Davis, Norma Doornbos, Mandy Duryea, Steve Fellers, Pamela Goldberg, Mary Good, Paula Hansen, Robert Hoffman, Mary Korkki, Vicki Lawrence, Leon Leachman, Bev Love, Larry McNown, Lila Mercer, Carolyn Meyers, Bonnie Owen, Michelle Page, Jackie Peiffer, Teresa Pendergrass, Margaret Quidachay, Susan Reid, Monica Reynolds, Desiree Riffel, Dean Roedel, Marie Rowell, Nancy Samp, Christine Schultze, Melissa Scott, Melissa Scribner, Marilyn Shaw, Vicki Shepherd, Cara Stevenson, Lionel Tipton, Julie Utech, Aaron Waldorf, Jami Williams

12. Announcements

• August 16 - First Day of School, Grades K-6 and 9
• August 17 – First Day of School, Grades 7-8 and 10-12
• August 24 – Site Council Training; 5:30 p.m.
• August 25 – Budget Hearing and Special BOE Meeting; 7:30 a.m.
• August 25 – BOE Tour of BE/GE Construction Projects
• September 4 – Labor Day, No School

II. Adjournment

Board President Vicki Coash adjourned the meeting at 7:12 p.m.

Melissa Smith, Clerk of the Board
USD 490
Butler County, KS