January 8, 2018
January 8, 2018
Regular Meeting
U.S.D. #490 Board of Education
January 8, 2018
6:00 p.m.

These minutes may be approved or amended at the February 12, 2018 Board of Education Meeting.

The U.S.D. #490 Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, May 8, 2017, in the Board of Education Office, 124 West Central, El Dorado, Kansas.

I. Routine

1. The meeting was called to order by Board President Vicki Coash at 6:00 p.m.

2. Roll Call

Members Present:Vicki Coash, President
Norm Wilks, Vice President
Ryan Carson
Monty Hughey
Heather Nichols
Tom Storrer
Sharon Waugh

Others Present: Sue Givens, Superintendent
Melissa Smith, BOE Clerk
Levi Yager, Butler County Times Gazette
Julie Jensen, Executive Director of Curriculum
Doug Jensen, Executive Director of Technology
Kellen Adams, Executive Director of Fiscal/Support Services
Kevin House, EHS Principal
Morgan Marsh, EHS Assistant Principal
Teresa Riedinger, EHS Teacher
David Herrs, EHS Teacher
Todd Miller, EHS Teacher
Chris Headrick, EHS Counselor
Dustin Harris, EHS Teacher
Melisa Wingfield, EHS Teacher
Linda Swan, EHS Teacher
Deena Eaton, EHS Teacher
Lora Meirowsky, EHS Teacher
Kierra Wright, Student
Hudson Vaught, Student
Kathee Vaught, Patron
John Vaught, Patron
Daniel Farthing, Student
Cheyenne Gordon, Student
Randi Freeman, Student
Tracy Rosebraugh, Patron
Noah Crawford, Student
Sherry Crawford, GE Teacher
Brance Crawford, Patron

3. Executive Session

At 6:00 p.m. Monty Hughey moved to recess into an executive session for a period of 30 minutes to discuss an individual employee’s performance pursuant to the KOMA non-elected personnel exemption with Board members and the Superintendent present. Ryan Carson seconded the motion. The motion carried 7-0.

The board returned to general session at 6:30 p.m. with the same people as listed above present.

4. Approval of the Agenda

Monty Hughey made a motion to approve the agenda. Seconded by Ryan Carson, the motion carried 7-0.

5. Approve Consent Calendar

Norm Wilks made a motion to approve the Consent Calendar. Seconded by Tom Storrer, the motion carried 7-0.

Minutes, December 11th, 2017 Regular meeting
Financial Reports, enclosures A, B, C
Credit Card Report
EHS/EMS Activity Reports

6. Comments from the Public

There were no comments from the public.

7. Recognition

National Speech & Debate 100 Club – Myranda Drake, Kierra Wright, Christian McCoy, Taylor Willis, David Williams, Maria Whitmer, Josh Staats, Breckin Olson, Hudson Vaught, Leo Whitmer, Luke Walker, Noah Crawford, Dalton Dement, Leenah Al-Turki, Cheyenne Gordon, Randi Freeman, Kyle Pinkerton, Hailey Harp-Nelson, Mia Pizzo, Holton Silcott, Seth Klayson, Benjamin Barker, Tayton Dawson, Ruthie Wright , Adam Haines, Shawn Gricol, Chloe Hamiltion, Shawn Hull, Quentin Requena, Ashton Gingerich, Emily Westfall, Olivia Babcock, Kaylee Baird, Ryan Hus, Ian Bullock, Ethan Davis, Cameron Clausing, Charity Miller, Emily Crank, Daniel Farthing, Riley Seufert. Coaches: Melisa Wingfield and Roger Briggs

8. Updates

El Dorado High School – EHS Principal Kevin House, along with Assistant Principal Morgan Marsh, Science Teacher Todd Miller and School Counselor Chris Headrick, shared information on how collaboration with BLT, SIT, and MTSS is used to monitor progress and guide the improvement process.

Graduation Requirements – EHS Principal Kevin House reviewed USD 490 graduation

Construction Projects – Doug Jensen provided an update on construction progress. Trees at the PAC have been relocated, and concrete has been poured in the dressing rooms and backstage area; drywall finish at the elementary buildings is in progress and heating should be up and running in the next month.

9. Summer School

Julie Jensen presented K-12 Summer Programs for consideration.

Norm Wilks made a motion to approve 2018 summer school programs as presented with the exception of reducing the Drivers Ed fee from $150 to $120 for in-district students. Ryan Carson seconded the motion. The motion carried 7-0.

10. Board Committee Assignments

Appointments to special committees were made due to the new election cycle:
• Representative to the Special Education Cooperative Board – Heather Nichols
• Representative to the Jefferson/Lincoln Site Council – Sharon Waugh
• Representative to the EHS Site Council – Tom Storrer
• Representative to the Educational Facilities Authority Board – Monty Hughey

11. Friend of Education Nomination

The following nominees for Confidence in Kansas Public Education Task Force Friends of Education awards were presented for consideration: Tim Connell, SBA, YMCA

Ryan Carson made a motion to approve the Friends of Education nominees as presented. Monty Hughey seconded the motion. The motion carried 7-0.

12. USD 490 Personnel Recommendations

Vicki Coash made a motion to approve the following USD 490 recommendations. Norm Wilks seconded the motion. The motion carried 7-0.

Tia Keplinger, Title I Aide at Skelly Elementary;

Brenda Jill Carr, Health Room Secretary at El Dorado High School, replacing Gail Williams;

Lisa Lechtenberg, Title I Teacher at Grandview Elementary;

Sherry Hermreck, Art Teacher at El Dorado Middle School;

Substitute Teacher
James O’Shields;

13. Superintendent’s Contract

Norm Wilks made a motion to extend Superintendent Sue Givens. Ryan Carson seconded the motion; the motion carried 7-0.

14. Announcements

• January 11 and 12 – KASB Advocacy Conference
• January 15 – Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday (No School)
• January 29 – 5th Monday BOE Meeting

II. Adjournment

Board President Vicki Coash adjourned the meeting at 7:22 p.m.

Melissa Smith, Clerk of the Board
USD 490
Butler County, KS