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Map of El Dorado, KS
Locations of El Dorado USD 490 schools are highlighted in yellow.

El Dorado's Location Identifies Community as One with…
Small Town Safety and Big Town Benefits!

El Dorado, the Butler County Seat, is situated on the western rim of the Flint Hills. The city has a population of 12,000, and offers many characteristics of a small town with a city recreational program, a YMCA, community concerts, art shows, numerous churches and friendly businesses. El Dorado State Park, located just north and east of the city of El Dorado, offers many camping, fishing, swimming, hunting and other outdoor activities. It is Kansas’ largest state park. Furthermore, just 30 minutes away (in Wichita) are the cultural, recreational and entertainment benefits of the largest city in Kansas.

For more information click on this link:  www.360eldorado.com

Moving to El Dorado?

Check to see which district you reside in. On the map, you can open Layers and select School District to see which district your residence is in.

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