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School Funding Input Information
School Funding Input Information

USD 490 hosts community discussion on school funding

El Dorado Public Schools hosted a community discussion about school funding on November 2.

The results of that discussion indicate committment and support of our schools, and dedication to doing great things for the children of Kansas.

Community members participated in discussion to provide comments to share with Governor Sam Brownback and others as our state develops a new school funding system.

Participants from a variety of businesses and interests very clearly stated support for an equitable and balanced framework for funding.

“Their outspoken declarations related to programs from early childhood through career planning were inspirational,” Superintendent Sue Givens said.

The results from the meeting were shared with the governor’s office in response to Governor Brownback’s invitation to comment on the development of a new school funding formula in Kansas.

“I hope the governor is able to see how important the issue of K-12 funding is to our community,” Givens said. “The Board of Education and I are grateful for the participation of such a broad representation of our patrons and their donation of time and effort.”

Any community member can submit information directly to the governor’s office. The governor has asked Kansans to submit their comments by November 30 to StudentsFirst@ks.gov.

Click here to download the PowerPoint that was presented at the School Funding Input Meeting.

Click here to download a copy of the letter and recommendations that USD 490 submitted to Governor Sam Brownback.

KASB Put Students First video